Case Studies

The following case studies are some examples of how Ricci Communications has helped companies achieve their objectives.

Demanding Attention
ICx Technologies Pre-ASIS E-campaign

Challenge: ICx Technologies, a developer of advanced technology solutions for homeland and military security,, launched a new line of surveillance and detection products to the commercial and government security markets during the ASIS Annual Seminar and Exhibits. The company recently combined with 16 organizations to offer a wide range of surveillance, detection and risk mitigation products and with limited resources, ICx was also able to pull together the necessary information, formulate messages and create and distribute materials for all participating business units. ICx Technologies approached Ricci Communications for assistance with developing cost-effective methods to increase targeted and qualified booth traffic and generate media attention during the security industry’s largest event.
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Reaching Out
Universal Pre-ASIS PR Campaign

Challenge: Universal Protection Service, the leading provider of security solutions for properties throughout the West Coast, was exhibiting alongside the Transnational Security Group at the ASIS International Annual Seminar and Exhibits in San Diego, CA. As one of the largest, fastest-growing private security firms in southern California, Universal was seeking to take advantage of the proximity of the conference to its operations and large client base to facilitate media exposure within target security trade publications.
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A Fresh Start
Lowers & Associates’ Web site

Challenge: Lowers & Associates (L&A), an international risk management and security authority, released a Request for Proposal to create a new, robust and interactive Web site. Rather than relying on printed materials that quickly become dated, L&A wanted to create an online resource for its clients and prospects. To achieve this functionality, the site required a complex content management solution (CMS) that facilitated frequent updates and a client log-in area for access to secure information.
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Stimulating New Membership
NBTA’s Direct Mail Campaign

Challenge: Following the successful completing of an advertisement designed by Ricci Comunications and placed in TIME magazine, NBTA, the National Business Travel Association, enlisted Ricci Communications to begin work on a membership campaign. With limited time remaining, NBTA wanted to introduce a direct mail campaign to stimulate new membership before the end of the calendar year. The association needed a powerful direct mailing piece that would reach out to its audience and entice individuals to join.
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Communicating Corporate Capabilities
MDB International’s Capabilities Brochure

Challenge: MDB International began facing increased requests for corporate informational materials as well as an increased need for a sophisticated and pronounced brand identity. As an established and boutique investigative firm working with Fortune 500 companies, MDB International had built it business on its reputation and strong relationships. It had rarely been required to present marketing collateral as most clients who sought its services already knew a lot about the company.
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Hitting the Hill
NCISS PR Support

Challenge: Recent breaches in the security of personal identification information have spurred Congressional action and large data brokers, such as Choice Point and Lexus-Nexus, to begin limiting access and truncating information vital to private investigators. The National Coalition for Investigative and Security Services (NCISS) represents the interests of investigators and security service companies and it was having difficulty getting its issues heard and understood by legislators. Unfortunately, limited resources prevented the NCISS from conducting ongoing PR so their relationship with the media was minimal and sometimes strained, especially with a key contact at The Washington Post who had stopped responding to their inquiries.
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An Inaugural Success
IPIX Corporation Event

Challenge: To highlight IPIX Corporation’s role during the Presidential Inaugural Parade and demonstrate its commitment to the government marketplace, IPIX turned to Ricci Communications to plan an event during inauguration week.
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No More Dinner Interruptions
The Federal Trade Commission’s National Do Not Call Registry

Challenge: Faced with an extremely limited budget, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) was tasked with launching its National Do Not Call Registry to consumers nationwide. The FTC contracted Ricci Communications to develop an integrated communications plan. They relied on Ricci Communications to rollout a Registry awareness campaign and educate consumers on the timing of the launch, how to register, what the Registry would achieve and when enforcement of the registry would begin.
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Reaching a Global Consumer
Securitas Security Services USA, Inc. Advertising Campaign

Challenge: Acquiring and merging two of the largest security companies in the United States with its own brand left parent company Securitas, an existing European security powerhouse, with a unique brand challenge. Securitas turned to Ricci Communications to develop an advertising campaign that would convey its new global brand to a target audience of corporate security directors. Securitas recognized that Ricci Communications had the industry insight and experience to craft the appropriate message to bring to the marketplace.
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Get to Know a Leader
Vance International Public Relations Campaign

Challenge: Armed with a breadth of security-related expertise, knowledge and resources, as well as deep executive experience, Vance International wanted to grow its operations throughout the United States and Mexico and recruit more operational agents. It realized that in order to be successful, Vance International first had to increase its brand recognition and position itself as an authority in the security industry. Ultimately, Vance International needed a way to effectively communicate its corporate capabilities.
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Identifying an Icon
Talk-A-Phone Logo Development

Challenge: In its nearly 70-year history, Talk-A-Phone, one of the largest suppliers of emergency communication equipment, had never had a true corporate logo. Perhaps best known for its emergency phone systems found on nearly every campus, Talk-A-Phone has several other product lines and targets many industries.
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Breaking into Security
IPIX Security Corporation Public Relations Campaign

Challenge: IPIX Corporation, a leading provider of imaging technology solutions, was poised to launch into the security marketplace during one of the largest security industry conferences. Armed with a hot new security surveillance product, they faced the challenge of generating the largest bang for their buck at the show.
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A Newsworthy Success
Cavalier Services Inc. Client Newsletter

Challenge: Cavalier Services Inc., a building services contractor based in Fairfax, Va., wanted to add more value to their communications with clients and prospects by cross-marketing their expanding services through their quarterly newsletter.
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By Any Other Name …
National Academy Foundation’s Academy Naming Campaign

Challenge: The management of the National Academy Foundation (NAF) felt the name for their Academy of Travel and Tourism was outdated. They wanted to develop a new name that would better match the needs of their current students and potential students, and launch a new identity around this name. The Academy is made up of several different groups who all have different opinions on the need for a new name. Ricci Communications was tasked with developing a new name for the Academy that accurately reflected the purpose and scope of the Academy and attracted new students.
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Wanted—Certified Protection Professionals
ASIS International CPP Program Revitalization Campaign

Challenge: Ricci Communications was tasked with revitalizing ASIS International’s faltering Certified Protection Professional (CPP) program. The program had little recognition among corporate leaders and the general public. As a result, interest in going through the rigorous process of obtaining the CPP designation had declined significantly over the years. On the eve of the CPP program’s 20th anniversary, ASIS wanted to bolster the recognition of its members and its certification program. It sought to increase the confidence of the general public in the rapidly growing private security industry.
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Let’s Talk Homeland Security
The Policy Institute’s Corporate Security and Terrorism Conference

Challenge: Working under tight financial and time constraints, The Policy Institute turned to Ricci Communications for assistance in building and executing a marketing and event logistics plan for its “Corporate Security and Terrorism in a Post- 9/11 Environment” conference. With only a four-week lead-time, Ricci Communications was asked to develop the program, secure speakers, and handle all aspects of marketing and meeting logistics for the forum.
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Call in the Calvary
APT/WST Temporary Labor Recruitment Campaign

Challenge: The APT/WST division of Vance International had the arduous, ongoing task of attracting and recruiting employees that could be available on 48-hours notice, would be willing to travel for three-month positions and would also be willing to work 12-hour days. APT/WST provides temporary labor and guard services during emergencies, disasters and labor unrest, a market niche which means that work for its employees is seasonal and unpredictable. Recruiting people with the right skills who were also willing to work in tough environments was the company’s foremost challenge—one that extremely labor intensive and expensive. Once recruited, it was also difficult to maintain accurate information and staying in contact with the large transient workforce. APT/WST turned to Ricci Communications to devise a continuous national recruiting campaign to attract qualified guards and cut administrative costs.
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Marketing Marketers
CSi Brand and Messaging Campaign

Challenge: CSi, a large mailing house serving corporations, associations and non-profits in the Metro DC area, wanted to update its brand and messaging to better position the company in the marketplace. It sought integrated, cost-effective channels to reach its clients and prospects.
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